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10 Reasons Why Your Next Hire Is A Freelancer

Too busy to handle the work, but not ready to commit to an employee?

If this sounds all too familiar, then this is something you need to read.

Back in 2018, I created my 6 reasons to hire a freelance web designer with many great reactions to it. It was a great insight to see peoples views on freelancers in general.

I wanted to focus on how freelancers can benefit agencies and companies alike.

1. Flexibility freelance hire for your agency

Most businesses have their peak times or busy periods. When the going gets tough and you’re looking at your options.

Do you go for an employee or temp?

The answer, of course, is go freelance

On-boarding an employee and temp involves a lot of paperwork, insurance and integration. An employee is a long term solution that could potentially put pressure on the business to pay their wages each month.


  • Hiring your freelancer is a specialist in a specific area.
  • They can hire for a project by project basis or any ad-hoc jobs that require completing.
  • They often work more flexible hours in order to complete a job as they get paid when the job has been completed.
  • Once your busy period is over, you don’t need to keep paying!

2. White labelled projects

If you’re a brand or agency and need a little extra support, a freelancer will often work white label. This means that your brand still appears on the label!

If you have an understanding with your freelance expert you can work together under the same brand.

I often have an understanding with multiple agencies was I have specialist emails for their business so I can talk to their clients as I was an employee.

3. No expensive equipment hire

Put your credit card back into your pocket. You won’t need it.

Freelancers often have their own tools for the job, packed with software, equipment and expensive subscriptions meaning you don’t have to worry about the expense or insurance on any machinery. 

4. Office space not required (unless you want to!)

A freelancer will have their preferred space to work in already. No desk space required.

Regular calls, catch-ups and screen sharing sessions allow for a quick one to one feedback as if you were sat next to them in the office.

If your preferred method is to have them come in-house this can usually be arranged.

5. Lower your carbon footprint

If you’re looking to keep your footprint to a minimum having a remote worker is ideal for this.

No commute means less pollution and less space required, and fewer arguments over the aircon unit!

6. Value for money

It’s no hidden secret that a freelancer will be more expensive than an employee by the hour, but even at this rate, you expect to save 20 to 30 percent annually with a freelancer. They also don’t charge for a lunch hour!

If your freelance worker is remote you also save on office space and expenses.

8. Free up staff members on payroll

If your staff are stress out with too much work, their moral starts to drop as they become more and more bogged down with work. A freelancer can help balance workloads for your team members keeping their spirits high.

9. Learn new software & techniques

A freelancer will have worked in multiple agencies and often having to adapt to different work processes as a result. This gives them knowledge of best practices of which may trigger you to speed up your in-house team as a result.

10. Fill the gap in your team

If you require a specialist for a particular project then hiring a freelancer that is dedicated and a highly trained specialist in that sector it makes sense to hire them to ensure a high quality level of work.

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