6 Reasons to hire a Freelance Web Designer

Have you spent copious amounts of time looking for the right person for the job? Do you go with a digital agency or a freelance web designer? Look no further, I intend to solve those very questions below.

Whilst most digital agencies have larger budgets and more manpower, freelance web designers encapsulate a very special place for those who wish to work first-hand with the designer to produce something that not only achieves your goals and aspirations but looks incredibly stunning at the same time. Working with a freelance designer enables a much more personal and rewarding journey.

Now, 6 reasons to hire a freelance web designer!

#1 Your project is more important to a Freelance Web Designer

A freelancer will not have hundreds of clients and thousands of projects to attend to. They will only have a few projects at any given time and will therefore consistently strive to keep you at the forefront throughout. The success of your project is vital to the growth of the designer’s career and portfolio.

#2 Freelance web designers are more cost effective

Working with your freelance designer means you get better value for money. Most freelancers work alone and do not have the expensive fees of running a digital agency. Which means they can afford to be cheaper than the going rate of a respectable agency. But of course, beware: if a price looks too cheap to be true – it probably is! Always do your research.

#3 Direct Contact with Your Designer

You’ll be working directly with the designer of your project on a one-to-one basis. This means they will have a full grasp of what your goals look like. You can provide any feedback directly to them, and they can give you insightful and experienced recommendations. Communication between you and your designer is key to the success of the project.

#4 Freelance Web Designers are more flexible

Freelance designers have ultimate flexibility. This allows them the time to ensure that deadlines are met. You have the flexibility of hiring a freelancer for 3 months or 3 hours. Freelancers are great if you do not want to spend resources on a full time designer but need them from time to time. It’s completely up to you!

#5 Freelance Web Designers Love Their Job

They have chosen to take this career path through pure love. They love what they do (eat, sleep and breath it!) Freelance web designers have a very high expectation of the work they produce. The designer will worry about every detail on a project to ensure that it is perfect rather than churning out work to make a larger profit margin on a project.

#6 Freelancers Are Diverse

Hiring a freelancer means that you are working with someone who has worked with multiple projects and various areas of design. Even if their expertise does not lie in this area, they will certainly know someone who will be able help you. For example if you wanted animation on your website or a cool video showing off your gym – they’ll have you covered.

These are just some of the reasons to hire a freelance web designer! When you’re next considering getting a designer for the job; big or small, why not consider a freelance web designer.

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