Clif Dickens a graphic designer from the US has created a range of brutally honest yet comedic designs for brands around the globe. After creating some buzz with the likes of Adweek, Buzzfeed & Huffington post he’s created quite a following for his tongue and cheek designs. He has gone on and created a website for his creations called Honest Slogans.

All making fun of big brands such as Netflex, Pepsi and IKEA to name a few. I’ve put together some of my favourites below.

Toblerone - The airport Chocolate
Tacobell - Also open when your sober
Loui Vuitton - Probably Fake
bic - you probably didn't buy it
Purell - The Lazy Hand Wash
wikipedia - you're welcome college students
monopoly - a great way to ruin friendships
ikea - we throw in extra parts just to mess with you
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