How to take your website to the next level

Comparing websites is like comparing a salad to chocolate. Both give you energy and both are food - but what one is the better one... (don't lie to yourself, the chocolate always wins!)

In the world we live in with the web builders such as Wix and Squarespace etc anyone can build a website, right?

In part, yes - you can create a website that may look great and have all the wonderful things you do on there... But is it working?

How do I improve my website?

Like anything create - the look of the website is subjective - what you think looks good and what your customers thinks look good are often completely different.

When creating your website always think about your user first and how they can understand you and your brand as well as get in touch when they need you.

Improving your website boils down to a few factors:

  • Does it convert leads?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Does it clearly show what you do?
  • Will your users trust you?
  • Does it solve a problem they have?

Let's look into these a little more...

Make your website easy to navigate

I know what it's like when you think about it, you offer a lot of different services and you want them all to have equal visiblity on your website.

If you have too many service pages or complicated drop down menus, your phone number is hidden besides an image of you and your dog, guess what? Your users are going leave your website.

So how do we make that simple?

Display your core services / products

If you have a service that also has smaller but complimentary services include them within your core service page. Cluttering your website with smaller services that are avaliable alongside your larger services.

The same can be applied to your products - don't have 12 different t-shirts for 12 different colours. You could have one t-shirt where the customer can choose the colours once on that product.

Make contact information clear

If your goal is for customers / clients to give you a call - don't make them work for it. Include the number in easy to access places like your header, footer and contact page.

Always consider mobile

Despite an increasing number of visitors are on your website via your mobile, it's often overlooked as a secondary device.

Help the large thumbs of the nation and make buttons larger for mobile to eliminate misclicks (Google will love you too!)

Be clear in what you do

When you're working in the business - you understand it like the back of your hand. Whilst your services and business may be simple in concept - your user will need to know almost instantly what you do.

The above the fold section (the section you see first) needs to be straight to the point. What do you do and how can you help your user achieve a problem.

Do you look trust worthy?

People do business with companies that they trust. Whether it's a product, they want a product that they know is worth their money and service that they know will be reliable.

What makes you look trustworthy?

Having high quality images - if you have a high quality images that are relevant to the service and products. Include high quality authentic imagery too (we can all see stock images a mile off!) along with good and reliable content.

High quality design - if the design of your website is high quality, you look established. Attention to detail on your website shows attention to detail in your products and services too.

Recognisable branding - having branding and logos that are consistent and recognisable all help build the image of trust within your customers. It's what makes Apple, Microsoft and Ferrari so recognisable - you know you're going to get a high quality product.

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