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January 18th, 2019 02:12 pm

For the record, the robots we’re talking about are not nearly as cute or as innocent looking as the one above! 

We’re far from the days when we had to enter in blurry letters into a box roughly 12 times before it actually worked. That was the beauty of Google reCAPTCHA when it first launched in 2007, you just had to tick a box to let them know you’re not a robot and you were away!

But over time, that also became tedious – so for those of you who hate clicking on those ‘I am not a robot’ checkboxes. Then you’re in luck!

If you’re unfamiliar with what Google reCAPTCHA is, it’s a free service that helps to protect your website against spam and abusive bots and blocking them in their tracks. It can be added to your e-commerce, contact forms or login forms to stop bots from abusing your website.

Google’s latest release of reCAPCHA v3 released in October 2018 has developed a new way of eliminating those pesky spam emails and abusive traffic further without the need to click anything. (For those web designers out there, you will rejoice as your beautiful contact forms aren’t plagued with those ugly ‘I am not a robot’ checkboxes!)

This new feature allows you to monitor traffic from your forms to determine what the bots intentions are, whether it’s writing fake reviews or sending spam emails to your contact forms. It will allow you to track and it will produce a quality score based on this.

The video below offers clear instruction on just how this performs.

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