AWC Car detailing

Professional car detailing & valeting in Essex

AWC Car Detailing is based around the curvature and styles of a sports car. With inspiration from Lamborghini, this delivered a luxurious and professional aesthetic.


The Brief

To build a new website in place of their old website, which was outdated and hard to navigate. The website needed to present the same attention to detail that was given to each car.


The Process

Understanding the issues with AWC’s previous website was the first focus. The information on the previous website and the package system was confusing so we concentrated on ways to ensure the new website was much more user friendly and understandable.


The Solution

The end result was a simple to use, elegantly designed website. The booking system was transformed into a two step process which guides the user through and allows them to book the package quickly and easily.


Alex’s (AWC) vision was to concentrate on ultimate attention to detail; much like the perfect finish when detailing a car. Providing a platform to show customers the variety of products and techniques used to make their car look as fresh as the day it left the factory. 


The term ‘responsive web design’ is used a lot within the web design industry. This simply means that it adjusts to the size of the screen of the device you’re using. Although, we take it a little further than this; not only making sure that your website works on different devices, but works seamlessly. We also ensure your website is designed with mobile-friendly tap areas and improved font sizing to ensure that your customer’s experience is consistent across all devices.


“I have had a variety of website designers in the past, they did a good job, but it was time to move on to find someone who could understand my perspective with my new website. I found Scott on google and his website looked great, after contacting him online, he sent me a proposal which looked bang on what I was looking for.

I can’t thanks Scott Pearson Design enough for how well my website has come out. He really has made one of the best car detailing websites I have seen online for my business. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Scott and I look forward to any other projects we may have.”

– Alex Chapman, Owner


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