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September 23rd, 2018 06:22 pm


PVC Specialists

Targwall is a thriving ecommerce website thoughtfully built with the customer in mind.


The Brief

Creating an online platform for Targwall to sell their latest products.

The Process

Understanding the customer is key to a successful eCommerce website. Understanding how they purchase and their patterns are key to a thriving online platform.

The Solution

Working continually with Targwall to produce a website that beautifully displays it’s products and has a thoroughly thought out user experience to ensure customers can find the product and make their order quickly and simply.
PVC Specialists
Displaying clear and visual calls to action and allowing the customer to see the product in context and allowing them to image their home with the product.
Intelligent ecommerce marketing.
Using the latest technology to track user behaviour, buying habits and trends we can understand their customers, tailor marketing campaigns and ensure that the buying process is as simple as possible.


increase in traffic in the first year

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