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Having a business website is vital for any business. How you use your website is even more important. Even the best websites in the world may not produce any results if you have no website, visitors. This is where SEO comes in. SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimisation. By carefully optimising your website you can influence the ranking position of your website in the search results. The higher you are, the more visibility and the more likely to get business.
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What is SEO?

Boost your visibility 🚀

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a great way to get recognised and found for the services or products in Maldon and beyond. 88% of users 14 years old and above use search engines to browse and purchase products or services, therefore, making this one of the most effective ways to drive quality traffic to your website.

There are different changing algorithms that search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo use to determine your websites ranking order to display the most relevant information to its audience.
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Why choose me for your SEO?

I've work with many successful clients to help them thrive online through powerful and targeted digital marketing. Not only focusing on driving traffic but also fully optimising websites to land more enquiries as a result. 

When looking for your perfect digital marketing partner transparency is vital, no smoke and mirrors here.
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Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of SEO?

SEO is seen as a dark art of wizardry to influence the Google Gods, your blinded with science and more acronyms that you can handle. But it doesn't have to be that way. By using straight talking SEO speaking in that language that makes sense to every one.


Straight talking marketing without being blinded by science.


Reporting straight from the source to be open and honest.

Understand your customers better

Understanding their habbits which lead to better business decisions

catch ups

To discuss campaigns so I'm focusing on the areas that matter the most.

Find new

Finding potential areas of that business that help you grow by understanding clients.

Boost your brand with premium marketing tools

Using the latest technology and AI to maximise every hour and focusing where it matters the most.
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Frequently Asked SEO Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

What this service does is to look at optimising your website to appear more competitively in search engine results through a range of different techniques and approaches. The main search engines are Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Statistically many users do not pass the first page of their chosen search engine to browse for services or products.

Check out Google’s video on Google’s websites

The effectiveness of your campaign comes down to the amount of traffic you are receiving and the number of enquiries/purchases you are receiving.

Each month you receive a user-friendly report that explains the results for that month. A monthly meeting will be arranged to go through this data and also discuss opportunities and focus points.

We concentrate on selected keywords and continue to track the position of those keywords, comparing ranks to your competitors too.

SEO packages vary depending on your budget and the size of your website. Get in touch today to discuss pricing for your website.

As standard, our SEO packages include:

  • Full keyword research to determine your focus and how best to reach your target audience.
  • Website audit to analyse the current state of your website and will highlight any issues that may stop it from working well
  • On-page issues analysed and fixed
  • Performance analysis to ensure that your user experience issues are resolved such as slow speeds
  • Conversion Optimisation allows us to track traffic vs conversions to ensure that you’re getting the right traffic
  • Full ranking report, a breakdown of how well your campaigns are going
  • Monthly meeting to discuss your campaign over the phone or in person.
  • Competitor analysis to determine your position and to formulate a marketing strategy
  • Link-building services to drive traffic and increase your domain authority

If you’re not seeing the results from your website that you would expect this could be due to lack of traffic to your website.

There are many factors involved in creating a successful website and to bring traffic to your door step. I help you to get your website more visible and to track your website to ensure that it’s converting well too.

Whilst I expect that you will start seeing some positive effects within the first 3-6 months of your investment.

Although, SEO should be an ongoing investment to ensure that your positions are maintained and grown over time to put your website in the best position for the most effective keywords on Google.

The short answer to this is yes!

Where you have something to sell, whether that is a service or product your website will certainly benefit from SEO. The more visibility your website, services or products have the more likely your customers will find you.

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