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Divi is one of the most intuitive web design builders out there. But with everything, there are limitations. This is where I can help you.

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Coming from a background of creating websites using many traditional forms of web design, I often found myself being asked the same question. ‘Can I update it myself?’.

The answer I give is yes.

There are limitations like with all platforms as to how far you can go without creating a Frankenstein website of plugins and custom code. This is where I can help.

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Why use Divi?

Divi is a powerful visual builder that helps you create websites in front of your eyes, when used correctly you can get some really great results. It’s fast efficient to build websites that have a tonne of cool features built-in with out the need for coding.

There is a misconception that Divi websites are slow and bulky, and whilst traditional web design tools are potentially lighter on speed, it’s nothing that good optimisation and a fast host can’t do.

Limitations of using Divi

Whilst the benefits are clear, there are some drawbacks to using this platform, especially if you have little no web development experience.

There may be certain features or issues you find along the way such as slow loading speeds, responsive issues or general styling limitations.

The sky is the limit…(if you know how)


I’m Scott, your Divi expert.

Hey I’m Scott, an award-winning freelance web designer in Essex & London.

After working as a professional designer for over 8 years I’m armed with the tools and experience to deliver outstanding strategies for web and marketing projects that aim to deliver beyond expectations.

I’ve worked with Divi for many years and seen it grown into one of the most popular theme builders out there. Design has always been at the forefront of focus having studied at Falmouth University, so being able to bring my designs to life is important.

I’m worked through a lot of limitations, trial and error and custom coding and I can comfortably say that anything is possible with Divi, and I can help you as a Divi Expert.

Scott Pearson Freelance Web Designer Essex


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Frequently Asked Divi Questions

Can you work on existing websites?

I certainly can work with you to achieve what you’re looking for on your website.

What makes you an Divi expert?

There isn’t a degree in Divi (yet), but I’ve worked with over a 100 websites using Divi and covered a wide range of different scenarios and businesses and got them all working seamlessly with Divi.

Where are you based?

We’re based in the heart of Maldon, Essex. Providing local businesses with the very best in web design. As well as the surrounding areas.

What are your prices?

Each project requires a different level of work. This is why I don’t have any fixed pricing plans. You only pay for what you need.

Get the website your business deserves.

Dedicated to crafting digital solutions for businesses, large and small with cutting edge design & functionality.

Working with many exciting clients such as Texaco, TalkTalkTV, Old Mout Cider, Strongbow & Fosters to name a few.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your project.

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