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Storytelling has always played a very important part in human society. It’s a human experience that brings people together and unites them with stronger and deeper connections. Through story we celebrate culture, experiences and education, all entertained by great storytelling.Through effective storytelling we can engage, excite and inspire our audience through transmitting meaningful and impactful experiences. Through this we build a strong trust in a brand.Some of the greatest brands in the world use effective storytelling such as Apple, Virgin & J.K Rowling to grow their business through impactful storytelling. Their story is known by a large population of people and holding key influences over their perceived view of a company or brand. Which is why some of the most effective businesses in the world have a key figures have a founder or CEO with a strong story to tell.Richard Branson started his record store Virgin Records with the belief in changing the music industry signing successful artists that no one else would take or felt too risky such as The Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones & UB40. Offering open ended contracts that didn’t tie them in for years to come like others. Steve Jobs believed in changing computers as well know it and bring PCs to our homes and revolutionising the UI seen in computing history. Inventing the iPod which was set to revolutionise the music industry again and then again with iPhone. Elon Musk the driven Iron Man of the 21st Century bringing innovation and change back to Silicon Valley. Every business venture that Elon has pursued has been with the intention of making a change to humanity. Incase you missed it, these entrepreneurs all wanted one thing – change!  

How can this influence your audience?

Building a strong brand is everything. It’s the reason why we spend £80 on a t-shirt vs a £12.50 one. When you’re wearing your £85 Ralph Lauren shirt you feel part of an elite club, you feel confident and you want people to notice it, even though you’ve never played polo in your life! It’s the same for technology, cars and food you eat. You not buying a product, your buying a brand and what they stand for.The reason why you may get food out at a particular restaurant is because they serve locally sourced produce, and support the local community. The food may be average but you know that deep down you have made a change to the world, however small that may be.People like to feel like they’re doing good or making an impact on the world, this also includes their world too.
In the article mentioned above, Google states that your website rank isn’t directly affected, but suggests that users with better content and mobile-friendly websites may be favoured. I predict this will becoming a much larger ranking factor in the Google updates to come. You heard it here first!As part of Google’s continual efforts to improve the user experience for their users based on the latest trends and behaviours in the world of the internet, it is encouraged to support the needs of their users, hence the step in this direction.
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