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January 21st, 2019 04:58 pm

Google Rebrands Adwords to Google Ads.

Google has shaken things up and announced a rebrand, Google Adwords is reforming into it’s new brand name ‘Google Ads’.

Google Ads has been designed to be easier than ever for small businesses to get on board and take advantage of paid search platforms. This is a huge improvement for start ups and will dramatically improve the playing field for smaller businesses and create more opportunities for them.

The new platform will be packed full of features around machine learning, user intent and better use of data, which all ensure that you are getting the most out of your campaigns. It takes away the ‘heavy-lifting’ and allows business owners to focus on running their business more efficiently. 

New feature Smart Campaigns aimed at small businesses

The new feature ‘Smart Campaigns’ aim to help small businesses reach the right audience in converting clicks into leads, online sales or visits to their high street shops. ‘Smart Campaigns’ clearly determine which of your ads are working more effectively than others. Google has stated ‘Smart Campaigns’ are 3 times more likely to appear infront of the correct audience.

Find out more about how Google plans to help small businesses with Google Ads

See Google Ads video:
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