10 Reasons Why Your Next Hire Is A Freelancer

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Too busy to handle the work, but not ready to commit to an employee?

If this sounds all too familiar, then you need to read this.

Back in 2018, I created my 6 reasons to hire a freelance web designer article and received excellent feedback. The feedback I received provided me with a great insight into people's views on freelancers in general.

Below, I delve deeper into how freelancers can benefit agencies and companies alike.

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1. Flexible freelance hire

Most businesses have their peak times or busy periods. When the going gets tough and you're looking at your options, do you go for an employee, a temp or a freelancer?

Recruiting and employee or a temp involves a lot of paperwork, insurance and integration, and could potentially put pressure on your business as you will need to pay their wages each month. So what about a freelancer?

  • The freelancer you hire is a specialist in a specific area
  • Your freelancer can be hired on a 'project by project' basis or simply hired for any ad-hoc jobs which require completing
  • Freelancers often work more flexible hours in order to complete a job as they get paid when the job has been completed
  • Once your busy period is over, you don't need to keep paying!

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2. White label projects

If you need a little extra support, a freelancer will often work 'white label'. This means that while you're sub-contracting the work out to an external source (your freelancer), your brand name remains at the forefront and your customers would be none the wiser that you have hired a freelancer. Therefore you can work together under your own brand name.

A freelancer can work incognito, as though they are an employee and can also liaise directly with your clients should you wish.

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3. No expensive equipment hire

Put your credit card back into your pocket. You won't need it.

Often, freelancers will already have their own tools for the job and are jam-packed with the most current software, equipment and expensive subscriptions meaning you don't have to worry about the expense or insurance for any products. This is already taken care of.

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4. Office space not required (unless you want to!)

A freelancer will have their preferred space to work in already. No desk space required.

Regular catch-ups, screen sharing and calls allow for quick one to one feedback sessions as if you were sat next to eachother in the office. Should you feel like you need to invest a little more in these solutions in order to give your freelancer the best experience possible, you can click for more info about a company who can provide you with all the features you need to make this happen.

However if your preferred method is to have your freelancer to work in-house, this can usually be arranged. You can rent an office space, invest in some furniture from the likes of office monster, arrange necessary amenities, and call them in to work.

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5. Lower your carbon footprint

If you're looking to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum, having a remote worker is ideal. The daily commute is a huge contributer to greenhouse gas emissions which are incredibly harmful to the environment. Therefore no commute means less pollution.

Also, less office space is required. Not to mention fewer arguments over the air-con unit!

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6. Value for money

It's no hidden secret that a freelancer will often be more expensive than an employee by the hour, but even at this rate, you expect to save 20 to 30 percent annually with a freelancer. You only need to employ them for specific tasks and they also don't charge for a lunch break!

As mentioned above, if your freelancer is working remotely you also save money on office space and other expenses.

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8. Free up time for staff members on payroll

If your staff are stressed out with too much work with unattainable timescales, their morale can begin to drop as they become increasingly bogged down with work. While you can conduct an inquiry by researching around the root cause and bring out solutions to decrease workload, the best plausible solution would be to hire a freelancer during these times. A freelancer can help balance workloads for your team members, naturally keeping their spirits high.

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9. Learn new software & techniques

A freelancer will have worked in multiple agencies and often have a wealth of experience adapting to different work processes as a result. This gives them the knowledge of best work practices which in turn may provide you with an insight into improved processes and trigger you to speed up your in-house team's overall performance.

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10. Fill the gap in your team

If you require specialist assistance for a certain project, then hiring a freelancer who is dedicated and highly trained and experienced in their sector makes a lot of sense. This ensures a high quality level of work and assistance when you need it most.


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